Wednesday, September 1, 2010


1 hr 30 min. fire road spin. easy in intensity, a bowl of cherrios 1 yorgurt and 1 banana,2 tina barrito's and a bunch of potstickers, bowl of cinn toast chrunch and a half of sub. Damn my eating habits suck. 90 plus degrees. 3/4 of a 18 oz. water bottle before I droped it.

This is the start of my new training log.
Let's see if I can change a few bad habits

Monday, August 30, 2010

Windham World Cup 2010

A crash in the end of lap 1.
2 laps with a flat front tire.
sprint finish.
I won by .587 of a second.
How could my day get better.
I'll let the pics do the talking.

Willow Koerber
I'm at a loss for word's.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

SSAP 2010 Early mourning rain made for a slick course. Hugh congrat's to #1 Mike Montabono # 2 James Harmon and #3 Josh Wilcoxs. Graet job guy's. I can't wait for next year.As for myself, I was laying down on the job and pulled a #4 out of the hat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Daily Ride

More K.O.B and Q.O.B pictures from Jeff.

More rain for the end of the week.
Hopbrook is going to be a mess. Sweet

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Daily Ride

K.O.B I am Not.

All went well during the 32:24 minute race, my time. 12th over all. I felt OK considering the week up coming to race day was a total of 2 hours in the saddle. Damn rain, damn flooded basement,(12 gallons of water sure gets heavy after 12 hour's of continuous hauling from the basement to the back yard), damn hurt'in for too day's after.

Here's a few picture's taken by -Jeff Haitz- Photographer.
A man of very many talent's.

Great shot's Jeff.
Mad props to The Legend and NBX Matt for racing the tandem. I believe there time was in the 40 minute range.

Then the after ride.
Noon time.
Slipping bake into our wet, cold and muddy gear we head off into the depths of the park. The place was a mess, deep water holes every where.
We made our way to Falls River rd. from the main lot by way of Break heart trail.
The pack was quit large with 9 rider's, we manage to keep it together with only one issue. Arcadia rock Vs Stan's No Tube. The rock won.
I hope all liked the trails.
Come back soon.

Well back to the basement to continue on this week's Historical flood clean up.
I need a ride.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Daily Ride

Here's a couple clip's from the squeeze on sunday. Craig Mello is back.......

So I recive a call from a friend today who sound's a bit in distress, He start's to tell me about his ride on sunday with his wife, they're having a great time. She's loving the trail riding scene, I belive this is her first time in the trail's and she's riding with clipless pedal's. (You Go Girl) Then comes disaster, the dredded come to a stop and you can not get your foot out. I'm not sure if she got a hand out but wack!!!!! cheek meet rock. OUCH!!!! I hope to have a picture up soon.
You would think one might be gun shy after a big rock to the face but not this chic, Hoped her ass back on that saddle and finished up there ride. 2 plus hour ride and a shiner, not bad for your first trail ride.
Great Job Melissa,
Rain day tomorrow, Wensday is a KOB pre-ride at Burlingame, Thursday,friday and Saturday are road day's then the KOB plus the after KOB Arcadia ride on Sunday.
Race season is upon us boy's and girl's, happy grinding